Client Testimonials
General & Vascular Surgery, Dallas, TX

I should have switched to Kimber Kadesky and  Medical Management years ago! In the first year with her, she increased my regular collections by over 50%!  I say "regular collections" because she also rebilled all the cases which my old biller had inadequately collected for in the previous 12 months before I switched to her.  With this one year of retroactive billing, she brought in an additional $980,000. This is on top of the fact that she has what are probably the lowest rates for billing in the Dallas area.

I had been with my previous biller for 16 years and she had done an outstanding job; however, switching to Kimber Kadesky and  Medical Management was THE best move I have made in over 20 years of my practice.

R. Mark Hoyle M.D.
General & Vascular Surgery, Spinal Access Specialist, Denver, CO
 Medical Management's handling of our Accounts Receivable has been outstanding. There is ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON with my previous biller. I don't think the term "Superior" does justice to the success I am seeing, particularly when compared to my past experiences with other companies.
Jonathan Schoeff, M.D., Denver Colorado
Endocrine Associates of Dallas
Medical Management has provided our medical billing and collection services since 1997. Previously, these services were performed in-house. We were losing thousands of dollars per month because of inaccurate claims, late filings, failure to appeal underpayments, etc. Hiring additional staff did not improve results and our cost of collections was out of control. Since hiringMedical Management, collection rates have been consistently the highest in the 36 years of this practice. We have chosen to stay withMedical Management and cannot imagine another company doing a better, more consistent job for us.
Stephen Aronoff, M.D.
Pediatric Acute Care Associates of North Texas, PLLC

Over the past 15 years, our Pediatric Critical Care practice has worked with three other medical billing companies.  Superior Medical Management, Inc. is by far the best medical billing company we have used in the DFW Metroplex! The President and staff of Medical Management, Inc have an excellent knowledge of the rapidly changing rules governing billing and collections, which is particularly important during this period of health care reform. Meticulous attention is paid  to account management; turnaround time for accounts receivable is short, and collections are diligently pursued. The account management team at Superior Medical Management is consistently courteous and professional in their interactions with clients regarding patient billing, as well as with our office administrative staff. Our association with Superior Medical Management has been excellent and their performance has exceeded our expectations as a “top-notch” medical billing company.  Our physician group highly recommends Medical Management to medical practices who wish to optimize their net revenue and collections. Superior Medical Management goes the extra mile -  they "leave no stone unturned" when it comes to medical billing!

Michele Papo, MPG, FCCM and Sharon Sandell, M.D.
Spine Vue, PLLC - Spine Surgery, Dallas, TX

I have been in private practice for several years now. It was slow and steady medical billing in house to start out with. The EMR I used did the billing. We quickly realized they only went for the low hanging fruit if we didn’t stay on top of the details and appeals. We ultimately decided to outsource the billing. That was a disaster. I watched my usual collections drop by 30%. I was told it was all my fault. I knew better because I had done my own billing for two years prior, and I was correcting the billing company’s mistakes. I needed to switch because now I was working even harder to make less. I turned to  Medical Management., and I was impressed. My collections exceeded the 30% collections drop. They did what I was hoping for: my knowledge of billing was surpassed. As a doctor, we think we know a great deal. But in this case, I am glad someone knows more and how to maneuver with the insurance companies in a sane, ethical, and legal way. Thanks !

Sean M. Jones-Quaidoo, MD
Surgical Elite, PA - Spinal Access Surgery, General Surgery, Dallas, TX

In today’s healthcare climate, I found increasingly difficult to paid for the work being done by insurance companies. Switching to has been the single best decision I’ve made in my practice. has been able to more than triple my income! I couldn’t be happier!

Julianne Santarosa, MD
Mohs and Dermatologic Surgery Dallas, Texas
Peace of mind and a good night’s sleep are whatMedical Management has given me since I turned over my accounts receivables to them. I can now focus on what I enjoying doing – patient care, instead of AR management. I don’t worry about my cash flow anymore. I had managed my AR for years, so when I entertained the idea of outsourcing it, I really researched their credentials and physician client base extensively. They received rave reviews across the board from their clients. So far they have lived up to their excellent reputation.
Christine Brown, M.D.
Hunt Regional Medical Center Wound Care Center - Greenville, TX
I have done my billing with Medical Management, Inc. for over 6.5 years. I have done General Surgery and/or Wound Care in private practice over the past 39 years. I have only done Wound Care since 2004 and have slowed down to only 4 days a week, so I have a relatively small cash flow. treats me like I am one the the big accounts, but I would not be surprised if I was their smallest one. Of the 5 different billing services I have had over the years, no one came close to the service I get with . It is with great pleasure to recommend their services without reservation.
Thomas Kraven, MD, FACS
Richard C. Kaye, M.D.
Billing has resurrected the coding/billing arm of my Ob/Gyn practice. They manage all aspects of patient billing and accounting in a consistent and organized manner. They are accessible and communicative--relentless in a good way.  Superior has become an integral part of my practice, now a solo practice with a partner.
Richard C. Kaye, M.D.
Primary Care

This is my 5th year working with Superior Medical Management, and I have been quite impressed with their professionalism and responsiveness. As my practice has matured, I have faced many challenges, adding services and locations, transitioning between bank accounts, and navigating through various payor contracts. The team at Superior Medical Management is always there to help guide me along the way, and they remain engaged, insuring that the billing codes I use are most appropriate for the care I provide my patients.

I highly recommend Superior Medical Management, Inc.!

Jordan M. Pastorek